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Real Estate & Manufactured Home Taxes

2nd Half Taxes Are Due Friday, June 14, 2024 for Real Estate & Manufactured Homes.

2024 Revaluation

Muskingum County is undergoing a Revaluation of Real Property for the 2024 tax year per Ohio Revised Code 5713.01(B).  You may see our appraisers out and about as the canvassing of the entire county takes over two years to complete.  Staff can be identified by signs on their cars and ID badges.  Please feel free to ask to see credentials if you are concerned.  Our staff will NEVER ask to enter your residence.  They may knock on the door or leave a door hanger to verify information. 

The new values will go into effect January 1, 2024 and will be payable on the 2025 tax bills.   

If you would like to find out more information about how the Revaluation works, please click here.  If you would like more information about the timeline of the Revaluation, please click here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Auditor’s Office at (740) 455-7109, option 1.

Holiday Schedule
The Muskingum County Auditor’s Office will be closed in observation of the holidays approved by the Muskingum County Commissioner’s Office.  Please click here for a complete listing of the holiday schedule.
Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses have increased to $32 per Tag.

All dogs older than three months are required to be registered in Ohio per Ohio Revised Code 955.01. The fee for a one-year license is now $32.00 as the regular sale season ended on January 31st.

The Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 23-0880 for calendar year 2024 to increase the dog licenses to cover the cost of care.

Muskingum County also offers three-year and permanent licenses for sale. These licenses are only available for purchase at the Muskingum County Auditor's Office and the Muskingum County Dog and Kennel Office. The fee for a three-year license is $64.00 and the fee for a permanent license is $176.00. 

Kennel licenses are also available for sale at the price of $160.00. These licenses are only available for sale at the Muskingum County Auditor's Office. Kennel licenses are only available if you are breeding and selling your dogs. An active Vendor's License is required.

These are the methods to renew/purchase your 2024 Muskingum County Dog License:

  1.  Purchase your 2024 Dog License online at Online purchases require a purchasing fee of $2.25 per license, plus shipping and handling.
  2.  Purchase your 2024 Dog License by completing a blank application . Return it with check or money order AND a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Muskingum County Auditor’s Office located  at 401 Main Street, Zanesville, OH 43701.  Your 2024 tags and receipt will be mailed to you.
  3.  Purchase your 2024 Dog License in person at the Muskingum County Auditor's Office located at 401 Main St or at the K-9 Adoption Center located at 1854 East Pike. Cash or Check only. 

If you no longer own a dog, if your beloved dog has passed, or if you have any questions, please contact my office  at (740) 455-7109, option 1 or email  

Budget Commission Meetings

Debra J. Nye, Muskingum County Auditor, has announced the Budget Commission will be meeting on a bi-weekly basis throughout the 2024 calendar year on Mondays at 10:00 am starting on Monday, January 8, 2024.  The purpose of these meetings is to approve any requests from political subdivisions increasing and/or decreasing their Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources according to ORC 5705.36(A)(3) and 5705.36 (A)(4).

The meeting location will be in the Auditor’s Real Estate Office Conference Room located at 401 Main Street, Zanesville, Ohio, with the exception of the meetings scheduled on February 5, 2024 and August 26, 2024 which will be held in the office of the Prosecuting Attorney, 27 North 5th Street, Suite 201, Zanesville, Ohio.

The purpose of the Budget Commission meeting scheduled on February 5, 2024 is to approve the tax estimates and alternative budget requests for the school districts in Muskingum County for the fiscal year July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2024. The purpose of the Budget Commission meeting scheduled for August 26, 2024 is to approve budgets for all county related entities and approve tax estimates for all Political Subdivisions except schools for the calendar year 2025, as well as for the Board to approve the local government allocations for calendar year 2025.

For a complete listing of meeting dates, please click here.

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