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The Muskingum County Auditor's Office has officially begun the 2024 Revaluation of Real Property per Ohio Revised Code 5713.01(B).  As part of this Revaluation of Real Property, you may have received a Data Mailer containing a Property Card Factsheet.  For information on how to complete this factsheet, please see below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Real Estate Department at (740) 455-7109, option 1.


The upper portion of the sheet contains a sketch of the improvements on your property.  The main structure is represented by various polygons.  A legend to interpret the sketch is located on the left hand side of the sketch.  Any additional structures will be represented and defined in the legend as well.

Please click here for more detailed definitions of the sketch.

If there are any additions to your main structure, please draw them onto the sketch with measurements.  If there are any additional other structures, please write what they are and include an approximate size.  If anything has been demolished or removed from the property, please place a large x over the entire structure or the portion that has been removed.

Improvement Information

The middle portion of the sheet contains several boxes for you to complete with the information about your home.  Please fill these out to the best of your ability.  You can find the current details of your home by utilizing the search feature at the top of this website.

Year Built – The actual year the structure was built.

Year Remodeled – The year of any major renovations to the home.

Finished First Floor Area – The area, in square feet, of the main floor of the home.

Finished 2nd Floor Area – The area, in square feet, of the second floor of the home.

Basement Area (Sq./Ft) – The square footage of your entire basement.

Estimated Finished Basement Percentage – The estimated percentage of your basement that is finished.  For the basement area to be considered finished, it must have finished walls (drywall/paneling), a drywall or drop ceiling, and a floor.

Attic Area – The square footage of a usable attic with permanent stairs.

Estimated Finished Attic Percentage – The estimated percentage of your attic that is finished.  For the attic area to be considered finished, it must have permanent stairs, finished walls (drywall/paneling), a drywall or drop ceiling, and a floor.

Bedroom Count – The bedroom count includes any room listed as a bedroom when selling the property.  This count excludes rooms in the basement.

# of Full Bath – A full bathroom has three fixtures, i.e. a sink, toilet, and shower.

# of Half Baths – A half bathroom has two fixtures, i.e. a sink and a toilet.

# of Additional Fixtures – An additional fixture is an additional item such as an extra tub, shower, toilet, bathroom sink, wet bar, or utility sink.

# of Fireplaces – The number of functional fireplaces.  A free standing wood stove is not considered a fireplace for the purpose of valuation.  A fireplace that has been patched and capped is not valued as it cannot be used.

Types of Fireplaces – Wood Burning Fireplace (WB), Gas Fireplace with Chimney (GC), Vent-less Gas Fireplace (GV).

Central A/C – Central Air Conditioning is installed

Attached Garage Car Capacity – The number of cars that are able to fit in the attached garage.

# of Outbuildings (Sheds, Garages, Barns, Etc.) – The count of all outbuildings that are permanently attached.  A personal property shed that is on skids and is smaller than 16 feet at its largest width does need to be reported here.

Additional Comments – If you need to supply any additional information regarding your property, feel free to attach additional sheets detailing this information.

General Information

Please complete the questions at the bottom of the sheet.

When indicating if you have made any modifications to your property, please consider any modifications that have occurred since the last Revaluation of property in 2018.

Tax Exempt Requirements

Notification was recently sent to Tax Exempt Entities informing them of House Bill 110 (HB110), enacted September 2021.  HB110 created Ohio Revised Code Section 5713.083 of which you can find the full text by clicking here.

Due to HB110, tax exempt entities are required to submit the DTE23N form if they are no longer eligible for tax exemption.  If the auditor discovers an owner failed to property notify the auditor as required by Ohio Revised Code, the Auditor shall impose a charge against the property equal to the total amount by which taxes were reduced for any of the five preceding years the property was not entitled to the exemption and was owned by the current owner. 

The DTE23N form can be found by clicking here.

If there is no change in the exemption status at this time, no paperwork is required by the County Auditor’s Office.  If you should have any questions regarding HB110, please contact the Real Estate Department of the County Auditor’s Office by calling (740) 455-7109, option 1.

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