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Agricultural District
The Purpose of Agricultural Districts (see ORC 929)

Agricultural Districts help farmers to maintain their farmland.  They provide protection against nuisance suits over farm operations, deferment of tax assessments on land to build water and sewer lines, and allow for additional review if land is taken by eminent domain.

Requirements to be Eligible for an Agricultural District

The land must be devoted to Agricultural Use or under a Conservation Program.  There must be 10 acres of land or able to produce an average annual gross income of at least $2,500 in the last three years or have evidence of an anticipated gross income of that amount.

Agricultural Use

The land must be in agricultural production which includes:

  • Commercial aquaculture
  • Apiculture
  • Animal or poultry husbandry
  • Production for a commercial purpose of field crops, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, timber, nursery stock, ornamental shrubs or trees, flowers, or sod
  • A combination of such husbandry, production, or growth

This also includes the processing, drying, storage, and marketing of agricultural products when those activities are conducted in conjunction with such husbandry, production, or growth.

Conservation Programs (see ORC 929.01)

  • The Conservation Reserve Program
  • The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
  • The Emergency Conservation Program
  • The Emergency Forest Restoration Program
  • The Farmable Wetlands Program
  • The Grassland Reserve Program
  • The Source Water Protection Program

When and Where to Apply

The original application may be filed with the Auditor’s Office at any time with no cost.  The Agricultural District will be valid for five years.

Renewal Applications

The renewal application is due between the first Monday in January and the first Monday in March.  Renewal Applications must be submitted every 5 years, upon the expiration of the Agricultural District.


If the owner chooses to withdraw the land from the Agricultural District, the owner shall notify the County Auditor of the withdrawal and shall pay to the Auditor a penalty as defined by ORC 929.02(D).

For More Information

Farm Service Agency Office – (740) 454-2824

Natural Resources Conservation Office – (740) 454-2767 Ext. 3

Muskingum County Auditor’s Office – (740) 455-7109 Ext. 101

Ohio Revised Code Section 929


Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District