Muskingum County Auditor | Muskingum County, Ohio

The Muskingum County Auditor's Office has officially begun the 2024 Revaluation of Real Property per Ohio Revised Code (5713.01(B).  The below timeline will serve as a guide while moving through the Revaluation process.

January 2022Received the Journal Entry from the Ohio Department of Taxation ordering the County Auditor's Office to Initiate Reappraisal for the 2024 Tax Year
March 2022Contract Entered with John Cleminshaw Inc to conduct the Residential and Agricultural Revaluation of Real Property
March 2022Aerial Photography of Muskingum County Captured by Eagleview
April 2022Contract Entered with Lexur Appraisal to conduct the Commercial and Industrial Revaluation of Real Property
April 2022Data Mailers sent to all Properties with Dwellings in Muskingum County
October 2022Street Level Photography of Residential and Agricultural Parcels began in Clay, Brush Creek, and Newton Townships and the Village of Roseville
May 2024Tentative Abstract of Real Property Submitted to the Ohio Department of Taxation
Summer/Fall 2024Informal Reviews Conducted 
October 2024Final Values Submitted to the Ohio Department of Taxation
January 2025Tax Bills Mailed Reflecting the New 2024 Values
January 1 - March 31, 2025Complaints Against the Assessed Values Accepted by the Muskingum County Board of Revision